- - Ass Savers Offers New Fendor Bendor Mudguards

Ass Savers Offers New Fendor Bendor Mudguards


Only an arse would leave his or her ass exposed to the elements. In fact, that’s the whole premise behind the Ass Savers brand.

Well, your ass just got a lot more protected with Ass Savers new FENDOR BENDOR mudguards. 

The FENDOR BENDOR is a great option for those truly wet moments when you wish you had a fully protecting mudguard. The FENDOR BENDOR attaches with no tools, to virtually every bike in just a few seconds. Still foldable, it can easily be stored in a bag or jersey pocket for wet weather deployment.

It comes in two widths depending on your tires or style, whichever you prioritize. The choice between black or white is also on your mudguard menu.




Fendor Bendor

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