- - ASSOS Launches New Equipe RS RS Range of Winter Apparel

ASSOS Launches New Equipe RS RS Range of Winter Apparel

ASSOS has launched its latest range of winter cycling apparel called the Equipe RS, which relies on what the Swiss brand calls “adaptive layering for managing changeable conditions.”

At the center of the range is the Johdah jacket, which depending on the climate is designed to be layered in conjunction with other garments in the collection.

“The Johdah jacket is made up of ultrathin layers that allows it to perfectly regulate core temperature during cold races and multi-hour training rides,” explains ASSOS.

The front panel of the Johdah features a dual-layer design that comprises a “short zippered mid-layer” and “3L wind and waterproof Sphere Light textile” technology, along with ASSOS’ “light thermal interior” and “Diffusor Valves” at the shoulders that draw in air and “injects it between the jacket’s layers of fabric” in order to properly regulate body temperature.  

Additionally, the upper back and forearms of the Johdah are treated with a medium-weight version of the “3L Sphere” fabric, while an even heavy version is used along the lower back panel.

When the mercury really starts to plummet, ASSOS offers the Thermobooster long-sleeve jersey, which features an integrated hood, a raw cut hem and a reversed zipper to keep the body warm with a streamline fit. And, if things should turn wet, there’s the reflective, wind and water proof Clima Capsule that can be deployed.

For the wettest conditions, there’s the ASSOS Allycat, a packable, race fit jacket with an upper half that’s constructed using a fabric called Silver Haze, which features a windproof, water-repellent 2-layer makeup.

This unique silver membrane is made with microscopic spherical particles that reflect light, ensuring the cyclist “lights up” when headlights make contact with with the jacket in low-light conditions.

The lower front and back panels are made using a new woven textile to prevent overheating, while the forearms, side panels, and tall collar are constructed with our flexible jersey-proven Push Pull material to give the rider a little added stretch and freedom of movement.

To keep the lower extremities warm and dry, ASSOS has developed the S9 bib tight, which has a similar construction as the S9 bib short such as the A-lock straps, GoldenGate technology and a winter-specific version of the Equipe RS chamois, while KraterCooler ventilation holes have been eliminated for obvious reasons. 

For all of this technology, comes a steep price tag, with the Johdah jacket alone fetching a whopping $725. 

You can learn more about the new Equipe RS winter collection by visiting ASSO’s website here

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