- - Assos Launches New Pro Level Shop in USA

Assos Launches New Pro Level Shop in USA

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L to R Kimberly Lawrence, Alain Delorme, Marc Van Engen, Husam Sahin, Anil Gurcan and Shreyas Swamy

Assos North America celebrated the opening of its second Pro Level Shop in the United States last Friday night, at ATA Cycle in Concord Massachusetts.

On hand for Assos were, Marc Van Engen, director of operations and finance, Alain Delorme, eastern United States sales manager and Kimberly Lawrence, sales and marketing coordinator for North America.

ATA Cycle is widely considered as a destination point for high end bikes, premium apparel and top end gear for the Boston area and beyond.

According to Mr. Van Engen, Assos chose Ata Cycle, because it “represented the perfect partnership and setting for us to showcase our  products amongst a knowledgeable and dedicated sales team, which in turn brings the best possible experience to the end user”.

Indeed, Mr. Delorme echoed that sentiment by saying, “each member of ATA Cycle’s team underwent a thorough training program at the company’s North American headquarters in Montreal, in order to become knowledgeable in all aspects of the Assos brand”. And, “that level of training continues with the introduction of each new product”.

Ms. Lawrence was the impresario behind the layout and design of ATA Cycle’s Pro Shop, which yielded nothing short of a highly fashionable, exquisitely detailed, yet very functional installation.



The owner of ATA Cycle, Husam Sahin, was filled with emotion that evening, saying, “no apparel brand better represents ATA Cycle’s   mission to deliver the finest cycling products to our clients, than Assos”.

The event was punctuated by droves of people representing Boston’s cycling cognoscenti, with such accolades resonating through the crowd that elevated the store’s already “boutique” status, to now “emporium”.

According Mr. Van Engen, Assos has plans to develop more partnerships with other bike stores throughout the USA and Canada, but just as ATA Cycle, “Assos is looking to partner with those stores who posses the very best in brand dedication”.

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And for me, in addition to a night of convivial splendor, I learned a few new things about Assos. Like, how its founder, Mr. Toni Maier, had a hand in the the design of the every first carbon fiber bike, titanium wheelset, along with some anecdotal stories, such as, how the infamous Ernesto Colnago tried to cajole Mr. Maier into making his team some free cycling kits back in the day.

But, those are other stories.

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