- - ASSOS Launches New Skin Layer Collection

ASSOS Launches New Skin Layer Collection

ASSOS has launched its latest Skin Layer collection, which includes six new male and female-specific base layers that are designed to match the cyclist’s body based on the type of riding conditions.

“The first, next-to-skin layer is always an ASSOS base layer,” says the Swiss brand. “It’s the foundation of the ASSOS Layering System, ensuring the layers above reach their full potential. With the all-new Skin Layer collection, we hit reset on layer number one with new fibers, lighter knits and a refined seamless construction.”

According to ASSOS, the new collection offers more “consistent thermoregulation and “greater comfort for all riding conditions”, compared to traditional base layers that rely on a series of seams to join fabric panels, while each new Skin Layer is knit with a circular seamless construction for a “smooth, frictionless feel” next to the skin.

The new Skin Layers are spread across three categories: summer, spring/autumn, winter and an additional deep winter (Ultraz) base for riding in extreme conditions.

The Skin Layer collection is available directly at and through its official dealers. 


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