- - Attaquer Launches New Race Ultra+ Kit

Attaquer Launches New Race Ultra+ Kit

With so many cycling apparel brands competing for market-share these days, it’s difficult to discern what qualities distinguish one brand from the other, especially since a vast majority of these companies outsource their production, casting further doubt on the legitimacy of their craftsmanship and designs.

That’s never been the case with the Australian brand Attaquer, who’s been turning out bespoke cycling apparel for years now, with each piece representing a bold undertaking in style and design.

Attaquer’s latest example, is their Race Ultra+ Kit, which brings the brand to new heights in terms of innovation and performance. 

The Race Ultra+ Jersey in constructed with the Italian sourced Kinetech DragZero fabric, which features textured material along the shoulders and arms to smooth air flow and further cheat the wind. Moreover, the fabric provides ample stretch for optimal body conturing as well, preventing unnecessary wrinkling and flapping at high speeds.

However, the Race Ultra+ Bibshort appears to be Attaquer’s crowning achievement, which comprises a hi-tech yarn containing silver ions from the renown Swiss textile company Schoeller, that claims to thwart bacterial growth and limit odor.

In addition, the bibs feature a unique approach to the chamois, wherein the pad is literally sewn into the garment without any additional material. Meaning, the one-piece, double-sided pad sits both internally and externally in the bibshort with no additional material between one’s arse and saddle.

Attaquer also says, the unique shape of the pad allows it to mold to the anatomy of the rider, thus resulting in even greater comfort during long rides. And, if that’s not enough, the chamois is also waterproof. 

According to Attaquer, the jersey is available in two colors which sells for $196.00, while the bibshorts are only available in black and cost $271.00.

The Race Ultra+ Kit can be purchased directly from Attaquer.



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