- - Aventon and Fanttik Partner to Offer X8 Apex Inflator

Aventon and Fanttik Partner to Offer X8 Apex Inflator

Aventon, the California-based e-bike company, has partnered with Fanttik to offer the X8 Apex Air Inflator, a lightweight, portable tire inflator for cyclists across all disciplines.

“Aventon is focused on providing e-bikes and e-bike equipment with elegant designs and reliable performance with the end goal of bringing as many people into the e-bike community as possible. The Fanttik X8 Apex Air Inflator has a beautiful design and makes it easy to tackle a flat tire, especially for fat tires.” said JW Zhang, founder of Aventon. “A large part of our strategy is to continue elevating the riding experiences for our customers by partnering with brands that share our vision and provide high-quality products.”

“Bicycle sales have skyrocketed since the pandemic, and this presents an opportunity for related accessories. We share a similar commitment with Aventon, both are user friendly with cutting-edge design. We are thrilled to launch the co-branded X8 Apex Tire Inflator with Aventon. The X8 Apex Air Inflator can inflate nearly everything one might need during a trip or ride. It comes with a built-in battery and lightweight frame for ultimate portability.” Introduced by Du Bo, CEO of Fanttik.

The  X8 Apex has a maximum pressure of 150PSI to satisfy a wide variety of inflation needs, utilizing advanced technology and a powerful motor that boasts 50% faster inflation speeds when compared to other inflators with accuracy within ±1 psi.

Additionally, X8 APEX also comes equipped with five preset modes for easy inflation, allowing cyclists to get fast and safe inflation for all tire applications at all times.

The X8 APEX sells for $149.99, which can be purchased from both Aventon and Fanttikas well as Best Buy.

Product Description:

  • Taking a minimalistic approach in the design process, the X8 Apex is lightweight, cordless, and measures just under 8 inches tall. So whether you opt to leave yours in your car or carry it on you during a bike ride, having a compact inflator on hand has never been easier and more reliable. 
  • The powerful X8 APEX tire inflator has a ​ built-in high-performance chip that can quickly inflate tires. It takes only 14 seconds to pump up one road bike tire (0-45PSI), and less than 6 minutes for one 205/55 R16 car tire (0-36PSI).
  • 3*2600mAh large capacity Li-ion battery can support inflating four car tires or 13 bicycle tires or 80 basketballs.
  • Four types of preset inflation modes (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and balls) are convenient for you to choose. The manual mode allows you to set pressure value (3-150psi/0.2-10.03bar) according to the inflation object.
  • Before starting to inflate, this car tire inflator can automatically detect the actual tire pressure. Also, with built-in pressure monitoring and pressure preset function, it will stop inflating automatically when the tire pressure reaches the preset pressure value, providing you with a safe and reliable using experience.
  • On the top of this air pump is a 3-mode LED light providing convenience for you to inflate and change tires in the dark. On the bottom there is a 5V/3A USB-C input port and a 5V/2A USB-A output port, making it an emergency power supply for your phone.
  • 7800 mAh battery capacity


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