- - BeTriton's New eBoat + Camper + Trailer Easily Attaches to Any eBike

BeTriton’s New eBoat + Camper + Trailer Easily Attaches to Any eBike

As bikes have steadily steered away from the tarmac in favor of the road less traveled, mobility companies have been keen to capitalize on this trend, offering everything from campers to various watercraft that can easily interface with today’s eBike.

The latest example is BeTriton’s eBike trailer, which offers both mobile camping accommodations, as well as amphibious capabilities, all-the-while allowing owners to use their existing eBike.

Weighing in at around 310 pounds and spanning some 14 feet, the BeTriton is built on a three-wheel platform that easily attaches to any standard e-bike.

The trailer’s 2.2-kW electric motor coupled with two 1,440Wh marine batteries can propel it upwards of 15.5 miles (25km) with a top-speed of 5mph (8kph), while providing enough power to haul 575 pounds (260kg). It even has its own front electronic Lift System that’s design to make portage easy.

On land, however, the BeTriton is designed to be pulled along by a separate eBike, which connects via a separate drawbar that attaches to the bike’s seatpost and the boat’s stern.

Regarding cabin space, the BeTriton offers a snug two-person floor that measures 38 x 83 inches (97 x 210cm), while optional seats and a sleeping mat further add to the trailer’s comfort. There’s also a windscreen and a full aluminum-framed PVC canopy that can be optioned in order to shield adventurers from the elements.

BeTriton is available for preorder, with version starting at €10,550 (approx. US$11,550), all the way up to €12,950 (US$14,175) for the range-topping model.

The Latvian company also offers a trimmed-down version sans the cabin frame and canopy that starts at €9,900 ($10,850).





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