- - "Bicycle Boy" Cycling Illustrations by Mateusz Urbanowicz

“Bicycle Boy” Cycling Illustrations by Mateusz Urbanowicz

“Bicycle Boy” is a series of water color illustrations by Mateusz Urbanowicz , who lives and works in Tokyo.

“This project started as something I did just for fun in his spare time. Inspired by the animated films of Studio Ghibli “Whisper of the Heart” I made the first watercolor illustration that quickly spread across the Internet. After this I decided to make a series for the bike-to-hard-boy with his day as he fights to achieve his goal. “

Mateusz Urbanowicz studied at aka. Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology, and received a masters degree at Kobe Design University in Japan with an minor in animation.

Currently, he works as a digital creator (mainly doing animation background art, illustrations, storyboards, concept-arts etc.) at Comix Wave Films animation studio in Tokyo. In addition, he’s also done  various illustration works for books and comics, to include, projects with WACOM Germany and Corel Poland.


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