- - BiKASE's SuperBand Bike Carrying Device

BiKASE’s SuperBand Bike Carrying Device


The Milwaukee based, BiKASE is a family owned company that has quietly manufactured bicycle accessories for 10 years, with the SuperBand being their latest and most versatile accessory to date.

The SuperBand essentially allows cyclists to attach virtually anything to their bike without the need of tools, by way of a simple, lightweight invention that’s both durable and very affordable.

The SuperBand uses a tough polycarbonate base and highly engineered rubber material, which provides stretch, strength and grip, to give cyclists a peace of mind that their coveted smartphone, or other prize possession, is being held securely (holds items 3″ in diameter or smaller) in place.

BiKASE says, that they’ve tested and re-tested the final version of the SuperBand, and they’re 100% confident it can perform as promised.

However, in order to bring SuperBand to market, BiKASE has turned to Kickstarter as mean of raising enough money to get its novel little device into full production. 


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Our story-

We all need to take stuff with us on our bike ride, yet many times we want to take different types of items depending on the weather or type of ride. Bike bags are the typical way to take things on your ride. Our inspiration was to design a solution that was able to hold many types of items and be inconspicuous when not in use. Need to pick up some groceries after your training ride? You are ready!

The SuperBand was designed to be a multi-use holder for many items such as a phone, light jacket, sunglasses, Bluetooth speaker, pump, energy bar and whole lot more. The SuperBand makes different sized items easy to attach and easily accessible. It is simple to mount without tools by using the 2 different sized bands that will mount on any type of bike or virtually anything else for that matter. In addition, the SuperBand has 2 mounting holes to attach to existing water bottle mounts which are already incorporated into your frame. It’s up to you. The SuperBand can attach anywhere, on virtually any thing.

We design our products with mobility and versatility in mind. The SuperBand can also be used to mount a phone on your ATV, stroller, golf cart/trolley, and we are sure you can find more uses.


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