- - "BLULOK" High-Security Bluetooth Alarmed Bike Lock

“BLULOK” High-Security Bluetooth Alarmed Bike Lock


BLULOK is the world’s first high-security alarmed bicycle lock with Bluetooth control of customized alarm settings that sends alerts straight to your smartphone. High-security means strong. (Really strong.)

When’s the last time you saw a truly new and innovative bicycle lock? How about a new, innovative and actually effective lock designed to prevent your bike from being stolen?

BLULOK® is the first bicycle lock to combine a high-security lock with an accelerometer-controlled 120dB alarm, plus alerts and performance functions controlled by a proprietary iOS/Android smartphone app.


• Turns ON/OFF your motion-sensitive 120dB alarm.

• Monitors when and how often the alarm is triggered.

• Sets Volume and Sensitivity according to your security scenario.

• Check battery levels and monitor service.

• Sends alerts straight to your smartphone!

We at NowDiscoverable Design have engineered BLULOK® to leverage our years of experience in the motorized two-wheeler security market (that’s motorcycles and scooters).

As you can see above, all the moving locking parts (the key barrel, the locking pins) and all electronic parts (the sensors, alarm, battery and Bluetooth module) are housed in a removable, serviceable high-security key & barrel unit. Everything else is high-grade steel.

This Kickstarter campaign is to fund the end-stage development process of the BLULOK® project. The lock, 120dB motion-sensitive alarm and Bluetooth-enabled app and module are already in prototype stage. We need to finalize tooling, calibrate the strength to weight ratio and set up industrial production.

BLULOK® is a revolutionary bicycle security solution with a difference: a high-security lock with a customizable Bluetooth-controlled electronic alarm and a full set of high-performance features built right in.

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