- - BMC Lifts the Curtains on €10,000 Masterpiece Frameset

BMC Lifts the Curtains on €10,000 Masterpiece Frameset

BMC has lifted the curtains on its latest Masterpiece frameset (aka Mpc.), which comes with a whopping price tag of €10,000.

According to BMC, what commands the staggering price of the Masterpiece is the labor intensive process that’s required to make each frameset – limiting production to just one per day.

Despite using the same molds as the Swiss brand’s RoadMachine, what drives the cost of the Masterpiece is the time consuming application of high-modulus carbon fiber in key areas of the frame.

“Like any masterpiece, it’s carefully curated. This is art that brings you into the tapestry. It’s an investment and an experience like no other. To claim each Masterpiece is handcrafted is a prodigious understatement. Driven only by perfection, each module is brought to life by the hands of the world’s leading carbon fiber artisans. This unequalled fidelity allows each Masterpiece frame to emerge from its mold wanting for nothing, each perfect at birth, surfaces flawless, seams accurate,” explains BMC. 

Want one?

Well, the ordering process appears to be as complicated as the fabrication of the frame itself, requiring customers to “inquire” before simply trying to order a Masterpieces. After that, the customer is encouraged to visit BMC’s headquarters and undertake a “VIP tour, a bike sizing process and a componentry consultation” with a BMC specialist.  

Fortunately for us yanks, it looks like a Masterpiece can be ordered through an authorized BMC dealer in the USA. 




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