- - Bont Brings Heat-Moldable Technology to Affordable "RIOT" Cycling Shoe

Bont Brings Heat-Moldable Technology to Affordable “RIOT” Cycling Shoe

Cycling shoes with heat-moldable technology can be hard enough to find at the top price spectrum of the market, let alone at the entry level.

But, Bont is hoping to capitalize on price conscience enthusiasts who are looking for a cycling shoe with premium features at an extremely low price-point, by bringing heat-moldable technology to its affordable RIOT road shoe.

Bont is renown for offering high-end cycling shoes, with heat-moldable technology being its cornerstone. But, the Australian brand’s cycling kicks have always come with a hefty price tag attached to them.

However, Bont has seen fit to bestow heat-moldable tech on the RIOT via the trickle-down effect from its flagship Vaypor.

According to Bont, the RIOT features a carbon composite heat-moldable sole, along with a microfiber upper and micro adjustable buckle retention system.

Other details include medial longitudinal arch support to prevent over pronation, lateral forefoot support and replaceable heel guards.

Just like the Vaypor, all that’s required to mold the RIOT, is to simply place the shoes in the oven at low heat for approximately 20 minutes before putting them on your feet.

This process can be repeated in order to further fine tune the fit.

Bont says the revised RIOT weighs in at a respectable 295g in a size 42, which sells for a paltry $129.





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