- - BONX Grip Brings Wearable Bluetooth Communication to Cycling

BONX Grip Brings Wearable Bluetooth Communication to Cycling


Already a huge success in Japan, BONX is reimagining the art of communication. Originally launched late last year, the outdoor group-talk technology brand ran a crowd-funding campaign in Japan with great response, surpassing their initial funding target quickly and going on to become the most well-funded campaign ever in Japan. BONX is now ready the rest of the world, beginning with the Indiegogo campaign that started today. Having already shipped product to early backers in Japan, Bonx expects to be shipping to American backers later this year. 

An avid cyclist, Takahiro Miyasaka, CEO of BONX became frustrated with the current status of communication while riding with his friends, “I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have real—time communication for outdoor activities.”

A Bluetooth earpiece, BONX Grip connects to an original smartphone app to facilitate unique group conversation, which only transmits voice when a user speaks and is optimized for outdoor environment with unstable cellular reception. Dual microphones with multilayer wind and noise reduction technology ensure crystal-clear speech, and there is no distance limit, thanks to data transmission over standard cellular networks. BONX Grip is water and shock-resistant. It’s uniquely designed to stay put during rigorous outdoor activities, and maintains maximum comfort with a choice of three different sized earbuds.

With a suggested retail of $139.99, the BONX Grip comes in 4 colorways – black, white, pink, and green.


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Combining a rugged Bluetooth earpiece and innovative group-talk app, the BONX Grip was custom-designed to out-perform, out-comfort and outlast any VoIP app or standard Bluetooth headset. It goes anywhere your phone has reception, with completely unlimited range.

The Design

  • Activity-Friendly
  • No need to touch a button when you want to talk—just start speaking.
  • Two large buttons allow for easy mute and volume control.
  • Open-back earphone lets you hear your surroundings and keeps you safe.
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Water/Shock-resistant and comfortable for extended use.

The Technology

BONX Grip offers the most robust group-talk system designed especially for outdoor sports enthusiasts. All you have to do is speak. Within a fraction of a second, the earpiece picks up your voice with built-in dual microphones, passes it to the smartphone app via Bluetooth, and the app sends the voice data to everybody in your group via cellular network.

Power/Data Efficiency

  • Transmits voice data only when you speak, saving battery life and reducing data usage.
  • Fully functional in background mode.

Innovative Voice Activity Detection

  • Precisely detects the human voice while minimizing latency to keep conversations real-time.
  • Machine Learning: It constantly learns and adapts to its sound environment.
  • Distinguishes between nearby voices and those coming from a distance.

Reliable Connections

  • Maintains a connection without interference, range or license—even when the network signal is weak.
  • Automatically adjusts bit rate according to signal strength.
  • Voice assistant notifies users of network loss or when mute is enabled.

Noise Cancellation for Extreme Situations

  • Multi-layered wind noise reduction system allows users to talk even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Dual-microphone digital noise cancellation.

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