- - Bosch Launches New Second-Hand Battery Check Tool

Bosch Launches New Second-Hand Battery Check Tool

Bosch has launched a battery check tool that’s designed to allow the database of any second-hand Bosch battery to be checked as to whether it’s been opened or if it is defective, protecting consumers both financially and from any potential fire risk.

“High-quality lithium-ion batteries are complex, finely tuned systems with a high energy content. They can cause hazardous situations if they are not handled correctly. For safety reasons, eBike batteries must therefore undergo and pass extensive legally-prescribed tests. Only then are they allowed to be introduced into the market. Unfortunately, Bosch eBike batteries are occasionally found for sale in a non-original or defective condition – for example on online auction sites. Safety is a priority for Bosch and we therefore actively draw attention to the potential dangers and the transport law violations of such ‘grey market’ items. We take proactive precautions to preclude risks and prevent the purchase of improperly opened batteries for your safety,” explains Bosch. 

Before buying a Bosch eBike battery, buyers can check with the German brand if any information is available for it by entering the battery’s unique serial number such as below. 



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