- - Bosch Unveils New Performance Line SX Motor

Bosch Unveils New Performance Line SX Motor

Bosch has unveiled its long-awaited Performance Line SX motor, boasting a claimed output of 600W of peak power and 55Nm of torque that tips the scales at just 2kg.

“Now that most types of bicycle have been electrified, the individual categories are becoming even more diverse. With the new Performance Line SX, we are primarily targeting sporty riders, for whom a low total weight is important for riding fast and experiencing a natural flow,” explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “Our goal was to maintain the typical Bosch quality, riding performance, and reliability and transfer these to light, agile bikes. With the Performance Line SX, state-of-the-art eBike designs and maximum riding fun can be optimally combined.”

Additionally, Bosch has paired its Performance Line SX motor with a new CompactTube 400 battery, which features new cell technology for higher energy density that’s small enough to be integrated into the frame’s downtube.

For riders looking to head out for a long day, there’s also a new PowerMore 250 range extender that increases travel range by more than 60% when used in conjunction with the CompactTube 400. 

Bosch has also added a new riding mode dubbed “Sprint” that gives riders an additional boost on steep sections or when they need some extra acceleration.

Displayed as “SPRNT” on the system’s display, the new mode will give a disproportionately higher power output for high-cadence sections. Bosch has also launched a bigger display called the Kiox 500, which features a 2.8in screen. However, the company recommends using the smaller Kiox 300 with the Performance Line SX system. In any case, both models also receive new software updates that offer the ability to customize the displays.

Bosch has also launched its new Purion 200 controller, which features a color display that can report important information such as battery life, riding mode, time and total distance. Plus, if the Purion 200 is used in conjunction with a Kiox display, mapping and motor functions can be shared between the two screens.  

While no specific launch date has been given, Bosch says the Performance Line SX motor, CompactTube 400 battery, Purion 200 controller and Kiox 500 should become available early summer, while the PowerMore 250 battery extender, a mini Remote for drop-handlebars and a DualBattery function for selected batteries in the smart system range should arrive on scene in fall/winter – with pricing still to be announced. 


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