- - Brina2 Claims to be the First Hyper-Smart Carbon Fiber EBike

Brina2 Claims to be the First Hyper-Smart Carbon Fiber EBike

In an effort to shape a new generation of eBikes, a company that hails from all places New Jersey has launched what they claim is both the lightest and the first “hyper-smart” carbon fiber electric bicycle of its kind.

Indeed, the Newark-based EMOV Inc. has introduced its new Brina2, which they claim is the first “full HyperSmart electric bicycle that features an innovative design, superior engineering, and a hyper-smart app.” 

The Brina2 features a brushless high-efficiency motor that’s completely encased in the hub of the rear wheel, which is capable of putting out power ranging from 350W to 1000W and can propel the bike to speeds upwards of 25mph with a range of 50 miles. Moreover, the system is completely maintenance-free.

Additionally, the minimalist frame is constructed from a single piece of carbon fiber that nicely encloses all of the Brina2’s electronic components. 

Thanks to its svelte lines, the designers of the Brina2 claim it has greater stability and a more impressive aerodynamic signature than most other electric bicycles on the market, while weighing only 35 pounds. 

Other features that highlight the Brina2 are hydraulic disc brakes, long-range Samsung lithium batteries and EMOV’s unique +LIFE technology that can extend battery life over 10 times longer than other systems.

Additionally, the Brina2 also has a front suspension fork that enables it to tackle various terrain, along with a throttle/pedal assist system that attenuates power via pedaling action or by the twist of the wrist, allowing the rider to directly apply the right amount of power by hand.

When not in power-assist mode, riders can rely on a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain to find the perfect pedaling gear.

As far as “smart” features are concerned, the Brina2 has a built-in computer with a waterproof display that can provide valuable information such battery life, trip data and metrics, along with high-power front and rear LED lights, a dimmable ambient lighting system, Proximity Keychain Ignition (RFID) and a dedicated app that allows the rider to customize power-settings and connect to the internet and other devices.      

The designers of the Brina2 have recently undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, offering special incentives to early-backers that you can find more about here

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