- - Brinckers Adds Near Field Communication to Its eBikes

Brinckers Adds Near Field Communication to Its eBikes

Brinckers has added Near Field Communication (NFC) to some of its eBikes, integrating an NFC chip into the bike’s headset, allowing owners to communicate their concerns directly with the Dutch brand.

“Customers have a need for information when it comes to their e-bikes. People call and email us or ask our dealers how to maintain their bike, when to take it in for a service, what their frame number is, and so on. As a result of this, we decided we need to better ‘connect’ our end customers with their bicycle. They should have all the relevant information about the bicycle at their fingertips, but in a user-friendly and fast way,” explains Brinckers founder, Pieter Booij.

“So not through a manual or a link to our website. Apps offer many opportunities with the connected e-bikes. We have added new functionalities to this application. For many current GPS solutions come with subscription costs for the SIM card in the e-bike. In our experience, it had to be a tool that we simply deliver with the bicycle at no cost to the customer, without the bicycle becoming more expensive, as is the case with GPS modules,” he adds.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a communication technology that’s comparable to Bluetooth, albeit with a shorter range, which can open doors of communication via a card or smart phone, connecting individuals with their respective media accounts, as well as allowing them to make payment transactions.

Starting in January 2023, various Brincker eBikes will be equipped with a headset logo plate containing an NFC chip.


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