- - New Company Introduces eBoard Advertising for Cyclists

New Company Introduces eBoard Advertising for Cyclists


Claiming to be the world’s first, 100% carbon neutral advertising platform, Lacuna Digital was born from the idea of creating more sustainable, smart cities around the world, by using pedal power as its means of getting the word out

By using digital bike screens, which generate all of their power from kinetic energy, Lacuna Digital can create advertising campaigns that can be updated in real time, based on the cyclist’s geolocation – a technology that not even mobile applications can currently provide. 

Founder Dan Roberts explains how it works:

Lacuna Digital was born from an idea to create more sustainable, smart cities around the world.

Our development of the Lacuna eBoard 1 had its challenges but resulted in the World’s first totally carbon neutral digital advertising platform – not even mobile can claim that.

From this innovation comes an exciting opportunity as we pay cyclists per mile for travelling green.

We then sell this space to brands based on the eBoard 1’s geo-location giving the following benefits:

– Targeted marketing to varying demographics across London

– Uniform advertising across an area

During a recent interview, Roberts further explained his motivation behind the project. 

“My interest since the early university years was in finding commercial ways to build green, sustainable businesses.

“After a talk with a close friend who looked at paying cyclists to carry a ‘Santander Cycles’ type mudguard for his dissertation, I felt the need to take advantage of the commercial opportunity (there are up to 500,000 bicycle journeys every day in London alone) as it fits so well into the sustainable city category.

“We have since partnered with a tech firm that specialises in smart city technology, so this is also a growing interest.”

He added: “For this venture our product development has been our biggest achievement as we went in with ambitious plans that many (engineers included) believed couldn’t be achieved (power consumption etc).

“We are immensely proud to get through this without having to compromise on the proposition.”

Lacuna Digital plans to launch its initiative in June.

In the meantime, you learn about it here:

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