- - Brompton Launches Folding Electric Bicycle

Brompton Launches Folding Electric Bicycle

At first glance, Brompton’s new electric bike appears to have all of the same features that have come to define the British brand’s popular range of folding bikes, with the exception of course, of a newly developed hub-based electric motor. 

“We weren’t interested in changing the design,” says Will Butler-Adams, “We’re not into the trendy latest look. We just want to make a bloody thing that’s useful and makes your life a bit better.”

Working with engineers from Williams Advanced Engineering , Brompton developed a 250-watt motor that wraps around the front hub, along with a custom-built lithium-ion battery pack and a proprietary torque sensor.

The result is a system that can measure the amount of effort the cyclist exerting while pedaling, wherein the electric motor has been programmed to kick-in at a predetermined point when additional torque is needed to tackle steep gradients, or getting started in traffic. However, once speed reaches 15mph, the electric motor is designed to cut-out completely. 

A major problem with electric bikes, is the battery running out of charge. However, Butler-Adams says, “it’s a fully functioning bicycle, so you’re never going to be left stranded even if the battery runs out. The battery has a life dependent on how much you weigh and how you cycle. But if you think of the user in a city: you’re nipping about, doing three or four miles. Your battery is in your luggage, you’re topping it up all the time, like your phone, you should never run out of power because it’s perpetually being topped up.” “This takes the strain, takes the sweat out of cycling. And if that gets more people cycling, more people realizing this is a tool for getting around the city, all the better.”

The new Brompton Electric is scheduled to enter the market in early 2018, with a starting price of £2,595.

Until then, Brompton is inviting prospective buyers to a reserve a bike by pre-registering through their site.

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The  Brompton Electric bicycle provides assistance when you need it, flying up hills or a on long journey for example. You can choose the level of assistance to suit your riding style. Click on the + icons to find out what components make up a Brompton Electric and how they work.

Initially, the Brompton Electric bike will be available in two color options, black or white, while the choice of gearing will be 2-speed or 6-speed. The folding electric bike has M type handlebars and three different seat post options. You will be able to choose your specification later in the process.

All of the electric bikes will come with the standard battery bag, which has a pocket to fit your essentials or your charger. However, you can also add upgrades to your selection. We are offering a commuter battery bag that has room for your larger items like a laptop as well as the power supply and more. There is also a fast-charger option, reducing the charging time by up to 50% so you can get on the road quicker if you’re ever running low.

The system was designed together with Williams Advanced Engineering, combining their technical Formula E expertise to develop an electric bike motor that meets the complex demands of a Brompton. Smart sensor technology knows when to assist you. Customize your ride settings and track your mileage and service history using the Brompton Electric app.

How to Pay for a Reservation

Reservation payment is only for you to reserve your place on our reservation list to buy one of the first Brompton ElectricTM bicycles made. You will not receive anything physical at this point and your place in queue is only set once you have made your final purchase. You will be invited to make your final purchase via email in early 2018. You will also be given details of where you can trial the Brompton ElectricTM bike before purchase if you so wish. The bike will then need to be collected from your chosen store once ready from early 2018. 




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