- - Brooks England Shows-Off New C17 Saddle Made from Recycled Nylon and "Liquid Wood"

Brooks England Shows-Off New C17 Saddle Made from Recycled Nylon and “Liquid Wood”

Brooks England is showing off the latest version of its C17 saddle, which features the use of recycled nylon and “liquid wood” to create a comfortable ride for its  newest perch.  

According to Brooks England, the new C17 uses sustainably-harvested natural rubber for its cover, while the nosepiece and backplate rely on the new biopolymer substance “liquid wood”, which is created from industrial by-products like paper – that’s 100% biodegradable.

The company that makes “liquid wood”, Aesop Technologies, says the substance has similar thermal and mechanical properties as wood; namely, because it comprises the same main ingredients such as lignin, cellulose and sugars.

“Recycled fibers eliminate the need for new materials and reduce waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The surface of the C17 Recycled Nylon is constructed from industrial remainders that have been converted into a resilient nylon yarn, then woven into a durable fabric to be vulcanised to a natural rubber base. Naturally strong and biodegradable, both the C17 nosepiece and backplate are crafted from Liquid Wood, an innovative biopolymer consisting of lignin and other wood fiber by-products of industrial paper production,” boasts Brooks England. 

The new C17 comes in two colors, cream and black, which sells for $150. 




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