- - Brooks Launches All-Weather Cambium C13 Range of Saddles

Brooks Launches All-Weather Cambium C13 Range of Saddles

Brooks has launched a new range of all-weather saddles that are predicated on the British brand’s popular Cambium C13model – aptly called the Cambium C13 All-Weather

As one would expect, the cotton canvass cover on the standard Cambium C13 has been replaced with a nylon reinforced rubber top that’s imperious to water and debris. Moreover, Brooks was keen to add carbon rails, putting the new Cambium C13 All-Weather on par with the standard  model in terms of weight.

The Cambium C13 All-Weather is available in two widths, 132mm and 145mm, as well as a standard “carved” profile or with an ergonomic cutout.

The Cambium C13 All-Weather saddles are available in black or white, which all sell for the same price of €200.00.

You can see the full range of Cambium C13 All-Weather saddles by visiting Brooks’ website here.

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The carbon framed, Cambium C13 All Weather utilizes waterproof nylon on its vulcanized natural rubber top for added durability and increased flex, offering truly waterproof performance for high-mileage, all-season cyclists. The Carbon C13 is the lightest Cambium in the range and features a uniquely flexible top to absorb shocks and vibrations for better comfort and control. The 132mm width is most suitable for racing and shorter distances, where weight savings are desired.



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