- - Bryton Launches New Rider S800 Cycling Computer with Voice Recognition

Bryton Launches New Rider S800 Cycling Computer with Voice Recognition

Bryton has launched its latest flagship cycling computer called the Rider S800, featuring a larger color touchscreen, extended battery life and a number of new voice recognition functions via the brand’s app.  

Premium Voice Features

In addition to the Group Chat and Group Ride features, the Rider S800 features an outdoor-tailored high contrast display, advanced navigation and workout capabilities, as well as compatibility with indoor smart trainers, rear-view bike radar and Cycling Dynamics and more.

“With this product, we hope to push the boundaries of what cyclists should come to expect from their GPS cycle computers,” Samuel Wang, CEO of Bryton Inc. stated. “Our team has been collaborating with top cyclists and coaches to solve the common difficulties that cyclists are facing while riding. When riding with teammates or friends, many cyclists know the difficulties of riding at different paces, easily getting split up and not knowing where their partners are or what their current status is. Furthermore, staying connected with coaches or teammates gives you the advantage of having someone to monitor the status of each rider and provide instructions when necessary. Our goal with this addition to the S lineup is not only to offer top-of-the-line new features, but also to bring people together like never before with innovative features like instant voice-to-text messaging implemented into Group Chat so that riders can safely stay in communication without pausing their ride to check their phone.” 

Extra-Large Crisp MIP Display

Designed with the 3.4” large display, the Rider S800 utilizes MIP (Memory In Pixel) technology coupled with an internal reflection layer that’s been optimized for a better outdoor viewing experience without screen shadow, while the extra wide MIP display with ultra narrow bezel offers both crisp, high-contrast readability and a high screen ratio.

36 Hour Battery Life

Employing the MIP display and enhancements to increase efficiency, the Rider S800 low power-consumption in combination with its large battery helps to increase its overall efficiency, expanding total battery life up to 36 hours. Moreover, without viewing map pages, the Rider S800 is able to extend its battery life to more than 40 hours of continuous use. 

Voice Search

With connection to the internet, the Rider S800 eliminates the need for on-screen keyboards by providing Google voice search that’s available in over 100 languages, offering a quicker, more intuitive and all-around better way to search addresses or POIs while riding on the road, adventuring on the trail, or anywhere riders find themselves.  

Advanced Routing Features

The Rider S800 incorporates fully-featured navigation functions, providing turn-by-turn and route-guidance all on pre-installed regional OSM maps. In addition to navigation, the device also supports advanced functions to help riders stay on track and get the most out of their rides such as auto-rerouting, on-screen POIs, reverse saved rides and route retracing. Also, with the Bryton Active app riders can plan their own route, sync 3rd party routes or add custom POI/Peak information to rides.

Climb Challenge

When approaching a climb, the Rider S800 will change to the Climb Section page, providing an overview of a route’s climb segments, while also featuring a graphical summary with multiple climbs, vivid color climb segments, distance, altitude and ascent, as well as start and end points, providing easy access and ride information at-a-glance. 

Route Explore

The Rider S800’s new Explore feature now allows riders to select how far they would like to ride, generating up to three unique routes starting from their current location.

Advanced Structured Workout

In addition to graphical workout overviews with zoom support, other features of the Rider S800 include real-time intensity adjustment, TrainingPeaks support, a new resilience workout mode and workout notes (a function that allows notes from the Bryton Active app or TrainingPeaks to be added, while training sessions just got better too, providing remaining workout progress, customizable power zones with the target power page and more.

Also, in addition to workouts being sync’d to the user’s calendar, 3rd party sites can also be saved to “My Workouts” and be edited directly from the Bryton Active app. 

Cycling Dynamics Support

Cycling Dynamics support, power training and power data analysis have been taken to the next level with the Rider S800, allowing compatible power meter pedals to be paired, displaying both static and graphical data including seated/standing position, power phase (PP), platform center offset (PCO) and right/left balance.  

Customizable Quick-Status Menu

The quick status menu is now viewable at any time from the meter page by simply tapping on the screen, allowing riders to customize the menu with personal data such as lap information, paired sensor statuses and selected riding data. 

Live Track 

The new Bryton Live Track feature allows riders to generate a share link right from their smartphone and share to any messaging app with the press of a button. Users can also opt for invitations to be auto-sent via email to desired contacts for added convenience.

Group Chat & Ride 

Using the Bryton Active app, riders can now track and invite others to a group rider, and see live updates from group members on the route right from their device. Also, riders can cheer on friends or send status updates to them by using voice input to create customizable messages directly from the Rider S800.

Additionally, with the Bryton Active app, setting up a group ride is as easy as a press of a button.

The Rider S800 will be initially released with two different sensor bundle options, starting at $399.95 for the basic “E” bundle (device, protective case, screen protector, sport mount and safety lanyard) and $479.95 for the sensor “T” bundle, which also includes 3 BLE/ANT+ sensors (device, protective case, screen protector, sport mount, safety lanyard, as well as speed, cadence and heart rate sensors). 






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