- - "Byxee" Pothole Detector for Cyclists

“Byxee” Pothole Detector for Cyclists

Some designers in Italy are working on a device, that they hope will help cyclists avoid potholes, or bucas as it may be.

The Italian company, Byxee, has created a video device that’s design to warn cyclists of impending potholes, bumps and obstacles in the way of their path.

How does it work ?

The Byxee uses a video camera to scan the road ahead, which can detect the aforementioned hazards, and quickly send out an audible alarm, warning cyclists of what lies ahead. 

Cyclists will get one beep for low danger, two beeps for medium danger, and three beeps for high danger.

The Byxee can be set to scan the roadway from 50 to 80 feet ahead.

“Byxee concept is the consequence of bad injuries and very expensive bike repairs I had to face when [I fell off] my bicycle because of a pothole on the road,” says Byxee inventor Riccardo Ricci (not to be confused with former racer Riccardo Ricco).

“Together with my team we develop digital detection algorithms used all over the world. We now dedicate our effort and know-how to develop a device for cyclists using our intelligent vision technology.”

The Byxee has seven sensitivity settings and two different scan settings: narrow field and large field. It measures 9cm x 4cm x 2.5cm and weighs 70g. The battery life is a claimed 35h and it’s USB rechargeable.

Byxee has plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign, in hopes of gaining some much needed crowd-funding in order to get their concept out of the parking lot, and out on the road.

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