- - Campagnolo Introduces New Centaur Groupset

Campagnolo Introduces New Centaur Groupset


While this week’s launch of Campagnolo’s new hydraulic disc brake groupsets were the main focus for many in the cycling industry, the iconic Italian brand was also excited to introduce its latest entry-level Centaur groupset.

According to Campagnolo, Centaur offers the same performance and reliability riders are accustomed to the company’s top-end groupsets, but at  a more affordable price point. 

“It’s similar to Super Record in everything but the material used in the construction and consequently the weight,” said Campagnolo’s press manger Joshua Riddle.

Centaur uses the same four-arm spider crankset design, which trickles down from Revolution 11 Plus, and independent bolt ring diameter. Furthermore, the grossest will be available with either 52/36 and 50/34T crankset options, in crank lengths of 170, 172.5 and 175.

“It’s good news for shop owners and end consumers. You don’t have to buy completely new cranksets if you want to change your gearing ratio. Storeowners have to keep less stock on hand,” Riddle added. 


Campagnolo offers independent design for compact and semi-compact chainrings just as it does with higher-end Super Record and Record groupsets and Potenza, wherein the chainring incorporates ultra torque axle for the first time with an aluminum crankset, more trickle-down technology from Super Record.


The Ergopower shifting pod is made of lightweight techno-polymer reinforced with carbon fiber. And the upshifting lever is made of a lightweight composite material. The Centaur group has the same one lever, one action design that is a hallmark of Campagnolo products, with the same position in its upshifting lever and downshifting lever.

Much of the derailleur design from Revolution Plus has trickled down to Centaur. With this group, Campagnolo now offers 11-speed throughout its range.

Centaur now replaces Campagnolo’s Veloce groupset, which will no longer be in production. 


Centaur is compatible with cassette options up to 32 teeth with the same rear derailleur.

Campagnolo also notes that its new rear derailleur weighs 15 grams less than comparable products on the market.

Additionally, in order to keep costs down, the Centaur groupset will feature a new all-steel cassette, with sizes available in 11-29, 11-32 and 12-32T.


Centaur will be offered in both black and silver finishes and total weight is 2,484 grams.

The Centaur black group will retail for $692.76, while the silver version will retail for $733.57.

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Campagnolo Launches Aluminium Groupset with Top End Performance

Campagnolo is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its line-up of finely made mechanical groupsets and this newest entry goes by the name of CENTAUR. While attentive fans of the Italian brand are sure to note that this is not a new name but rather one that has graced the catalog in the past. The newest version takes a huge leap forward and represents even greater value and performance than any preceding version ever made. The trickle-down effect of top end groupset technology certainly benefitted the Potenza groupset but has added an extra element of not only value but race-ready performance on a groupset within reach of nearly every cyclist to make Centaur an asset to any frame. An aluminum groupset with performance that punches far out of its weight class, the newest version of Centaur aims to compete directly with competitor’s most accessible offerings. The Centaur project saw its central aim at offering an accessible groupset without offering entry level performance or features. Plenty of higher tier characteristics have been incorporated into this alloy mechanical groupset such as the innovative 4-arm spider design that trickles down all the way from the Super Record version to allow for an independent BCD (increased rigidity and structural integrity) in addition to a universal crankset made to accept all chainring combinations. Add to this the first aluminum crankset with an ULTRA-TORQUE axle and you have a component that mimics very closely the very same crankset that is found at the pinnacle of the range.

The Ergopower commands also offer the same industry leading ergonomics found upon even professional riders’ bikes, guaranteeing a safe and secure grip in all conditions along with the comfort for even the longest day in the saddle. 1 lever 1 action style commands remain and PowerShift internals guarantee precise and lightning fast shifting even under load. The PowerShift movement allows for the incorporation of an EPS style downshifting lever, offering heightened ergonomics while putting the rider in perfect control of his or her transmission no matter the situation. This precise shifting and derailing comes as much from the meticulously designed ergopower commands as it does from the Centaur’s front derailleur, which adopts its design and mechanical function from the original Revolution 11 + front derailleur developed initially for professionals. The ergopower internals couple with the longer rod and one-piece steel cage to ensure precise and reliable shifting with minimal effort required to upshift from internal ring to external. The rear derailleur guarantees fantastic shifting and offers a great deal of versatility as well thanks to a new trajectory angle. The movement of the new Centaur rear derailleur was studied in order to render it compatible with all cassette options up to 32 teeth and allows Centaur to meet every cyclist’s needs with one single model where its competition must offer two…and it does so while weighing 15grams less than the long cage version of its competitor. The “Campagnolo 11” chain offers an extremely durable solution to complete the drivetrain and has been developed to ensure smooth and precise chainring and cassette engagement. Cassettes for the new groupset will come in the form of the same “Campagnolo 11” cassettes that were introduced along with the Potenza 11 transmission but with a Centaur specific finish and are compatible with the entire line of Campagnolo transmissions. While all of the aforementioned components deal with speeding up the race-minded cyclist he or she will be happy to know that the Centaur groupset includes fantastic control in the form of a pair of newly designed brakes that weigh in at nearly 50 grams less than the competing version of the same level.

The challenge for the Campy Tech Lab engineers was not only how to insert such a great deal of technology and performance into an accessible package but also how to do it while still keeping weight at a minimum. Tipping the scales at a highly respectable 2471grams, the complete Centaur groupset comes in nearly 30 grams lighter than its closest competitor. (depending on the selected specs it can weigh in as much as 50 g lighter).

The Centaur name has its origins in Greek Mythology and the most common theory holds that many non-riding cultures first impressions to nomads who were mounted on horses appeared as half-men, half-animal. While the Campagnolo version is perhaps less mythical it does seek to unify rider and machine and allow them to travel as one, as a single, functional, beautiful and unique unit. The sleek new groupset from Campagnolo is available in a dark colorway in addition to a polished silver version guaranteeing a performance solution that ties in aesthetically with any frame, no matter the finish or material. To carry the Campagnolo name a groupset must undergo severe testing and perform above and beyond the standards required by most. The newest Campagnolo mechanical groupset is no different as it proudly carries forward the tradition of improving the cycling experience that begun more than 80 years ago in Vicenza.


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