- - Is there a Campagnolo Wireless Groupset on the Horizon?

Is there a Campagnolo Wireless Groupset on the Horizon?


Spurious details regarding a possible wireless groupset from Campagnolo emerged on the web today. 

Indeed, images contained in a U.S. Patent application that is believed to have been filed by the iconic Italian brand back in October 2015, depict what may very well be a wireless groupset in the works.

How so?

One clue may be, that the captioning accompanying the images, contains language such as, “Bicycle Control Device and Method for Manufacturing It”, “Where the communication of commands is wireless” and the “cables and connectors are absent”.


Without further information, it’s difficult to determine the degree to which Campagnolo is actually developing a wireless groupset. However, one thing that is clear from the images, is the conspicuous absence of the brand’s signature mechanical thumb shifters. 

Another clue may be, that when Campagnolo first designed its EPS electronic groupset back in 2011, they stuck with the same ergonomics used   with their mechanical groupsets.

These recent images however, show what appears to be a completely new platform, that does away with any semblance of mechanical shifters all together.  

Does this suggest that Campagnolo may in fact have a wireless groupset on the horizon?

Perhaps, but don’t expect any acknowledgement from Campagnolo, as they’re as secretive about their inner workings as the Vatican is. 

But, rest assured, if and when the time comes for Campagnolo to unveil its new wireless groupset, white smoke will undoubtedly billow from the chimney of their Vicenza factory. 


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