- - Cane Creek Targets Steering Stabilization with Hellbender 70 Visco Headset

Cane Creek Targets Steering Stabilization with Hellbender 70 Visco Headset

Cane Creek is targeting steering stabilization with its latest Hellbender 70 Visco headset, which is designed to work with virtually any style of bike across the cargo, commuter, gravel, backpacking and mountain categories. It will even work with children’s bikes, giving young riders a boost in control and confidence.

The Hellbender 70 Visco’s patented technology utilizes a series of stainless steel shims called damping plates, which are designed to create friction between the outer and inner damping plates, whereby the inner plates rotate with the handlebar and outer plates stay stationary with the frame. In addition, riders and mechanics can tune their damping characteristics by changing the orientation of the plates, adding more or less damping from the factory setting without the need of proprietary tools or lengthy service. 

The cups and covers are manufactured from 7075 T-6 aluminum and equipped with premium stainless steel Hellbender bearings. Similar to other Cane Creek headsets, the Hellbender 70 Visco has seals located at the crown race, steerer tube and top cover.

The headset is offered in two press-fit options, a top-only ZS44 and a bottom-only ZS56 configuration, while the addition of the ZS56 lower fitment option allows for more compatibility on bikes with oversized headtubes, internal cable routing, and 1.5-inch straight steerer tubes.

The Hellbender 70 Visco is available at select retailers and online.

The ZS44 and the ZS56 sell for $99.99 and $119.99, respectively.








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