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Cateye Padrone Smart Computer

Growing up, the only thing “smart”, was a cheesy 70’s TV show called “Get Smart”.  Now, everything is getting smart in terms of interconnectivity and retrievable data.

Cateye joins the list with its updated Pardone bike computer, that can sync with any smartphone, to become, you guessed it, a smart bike computer. 

The Padrone looks and acts like a simple handlebar mount bike computer, but sync it with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you have a host of functionality ranging from GPS, to heart rate monitoring, to standard ride data and more.

The Padrone can also be used in conjunction with popular training apps like Strava, Training Peaks or the company’s Atlas software.

Cateye launched this technology last year with its Strada Smart computer. The Padrone takes things a bit further with a much larger screen for better visibility, while also keeping things relatively compact and light. 


Smart technology meets our most popular display, the Padrone. Download the free CatEye Cycling app, stash your smartphone away safely in your jersey pocket or saddlebag and hit the road. Use Mirror Mode to get GPS-powered ride data, SMS (Text), call and email alerts from your phone displayed on the Padrone Smart’s screen while your phone is kept safe from the elements in sleep mode, preserving the battery.
When carrying a phone isn’t ideal, use Sensor Direct Mode to get speed, cadence, heart rate and power data directly from Bluetooth® Smart wireless sensors.

After use in either mode, seamlessly upload ride data to CatEyeAtlas™, Strava™ and TrainingPeaks™.

■ Upload Ride Data to training sites and share with the press of the button
■ View call/email/SMS (Text) alerts and ride data in real time on the Padrone Smart
■ Smart setup – Setup of the Padrone Smart, Customizable display and Clock auto adjustment
■ Import a summary of ride data in Sensor Direct Mode
* App can be used directly with smartphone.

[ Mirror Mode ]
■ Data from smartphone is sent to the Padrone Smart where you can view it.
■ GPS signal to the smartphone measures Speed and Altitude.
■ Optional Bluetooth® SMART sensors record Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power.
■ Displays Call/Email/SMS (Text) alert on the cycle computer.

[ Sensor Direct Mode ]
■ When smartphone use is not an option, such as in a race, the Padrone Smart syncs with Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power Bluetooth® SMART sensors.
■ Post-ride data is sent to your smartphone.

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