- - Catlike Offers 3D Helmet Customization Program

Catlike Offers 3D Helmet Customization Program

Catlike has not only held the distinction of manufacturing all of its helmets in-house in Spain, but the company can now boast offering the very-first 3D application which allows customers to fully customize their helmets.

Using either a smartphone or computer, customers can now access Catlike’s new 3D application, which allows them to design and paint their helmet to their personal liking, to include adding their name, logo or slogan as well.

Catlike currently offers the custom 3D program to its Mixino, Cloud352, Olula and Leaf2C range of helmets, with plans to add their Rapid, Rapid Tri and Yelmo models as well.

In addition, customers can purchase their helmets directly online from Catlike, and have them delivered to their home or to the nearest authorized retailer.

Moreover, Catlike is offering as much as a 20% discount to teams and clubs on orders of 20 helmets or more – with a maximum turn-around time of 30 days.

While similar personalization programs already exist in the bike industry, Catlike claims their helmet program is the first to provide customers with the experience of full customization – resulting in a truly unique, one-of-a-kind helmet.




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