- - CeramicSpeed Establishes Its Own Lubrication Development Lab

CeramicSpeed Establishes Its Own Lubrication Development Lab


Regardless of how niche a company’s product might be, virtually every brand in the cycling industry has very stiff competition.

There’s one brand however, that seems to dominate a specific category with little to no competition, and that’s the well-known company – CermanicSpeed.

Now, modesty might cause them to resent my words, but it’s true, CeramicSpeed dominates the ceramic bearing and derailleur bits & pieces segment of the cycling market like no other brand. And, it’s a known fact, that more and more companies who are offering upgraded ceramic bearings for their wheelsets, headsets, cranksets, pedals and more, are turning to CeramicSpeed

However, CeramicSpeed’s rise in prominence didn’t occur by any lack of dint on their part, as the Denmark-based brand has remained steadfast in refining and expanding upon its designs over the years, most recently rising to the level of developing its own Lubrication Development Lab.

Indeed, according to CeramicSpeed, they recently acquired the state-of-the-art test lab in the USA, Friction Facts, in order to further test and develop their products alongside one of the world’s leading experts in lubricants, Jason Smith. 

Smith is the original founder of Friction Facts, and now serves as CeramicSpeed’s new Technology Officer, who will help facilitate the company’s long-term development plans.

CeramicSpeed says, Smith will apply his knowledge and expertise in the field of fluid dynamics and engineering to further develop the company’s range of products. 

“As a company that has always been an innovator at the forefront of drivetrain efficiency, establishing such a unique research facility is only natural. The acquisition of Friction Facts and the addition of Jason Smith, the only person in the world with such vast experience and knowledge of chain lubes and drivetrain efficiency, makes this the ideal opportunity to do so. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products and for this, knowledge and data are crucial factors”, says Martin Banke, Managing Director at CeramicSpeed.

Asked about the initiative, Jason Smith added, “The Lubrication Development Lab is a research portal designed to further explore the opportunities of maximum drivetrain efficiency. Finding a way to minimize drag and boost performance thanks to a super-fast lubricant formula starts here. And no matter what the results, we will learn more and more. A true forward-thinking organization like CeramicSpeed delivers and guarantees highest quality only thanks to intensive research and data analysis.”

CeramicSpeed says, the company will continue to do most of its research and development at their facility in Denmark, while simultaneously corroborating with Smith in the USA. 




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