- - CeramicSpeed Offers New Lower Friction UFO Racing Chains

CeramicSpeed Offers New Lower Friction UFO Racing Chains


Instead of resorting to performance-enhancing drugs or hidden motors in bikes, pro riders and top level enthusiasts should consider a more legal means of increasing performance – like a low friction chain.

After months of development, CeramicSpeed claims its newest low-friction UFO Racing Chains can save cyclists between 2 to 5 watts by virtue of a new and improved formula they created in-house at their R&D facility in Denmark.

According to CeramicSpeed, their new UFO Racing Chains are now available in two options: optimized KMC SL chains in both 11speed and 10speed sizes, which are compatible with SRAM, Campagnolo and Shimano, as well as a new optimized Dura-Ace HG901 11s chain specific to Shimano drivetrains.

However, just as the name implies, the UFO Racing Chains are developed for race-day applications, with an expected life of just 370 miles/600 kilometers before significant efficiency losses.

On the other hand, the company’s latest frictional tests show that the new versions are capable of shaving-off as much as 15% more friction than their predecessors.


In addition, CeramicSpeed still recommends using its Squirt chain lube after 200 miles/320 kilometers of riding, which comes with each chain along with reusable quick links and Shimano connecting pins as well.

You can learn more about CeramicSpeed’s new UFO Racing Chains here.

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