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CeramicSpeed’s UFO Chain

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could. If a woodchuck could chuck wood!

Sorry, wrong reference. 

How much wattage would a cyclist benefit, if a cyclist could want watts?  

Well, according to CeramicSpeed, its “extremely low friction chain”, can give cyclists more watts under certain riding conditions. 

CeramicSpeed claims, that its range of UFO Chains have “unique properties”, which allow them to give cyclists a “sense of speed”, by virtue of their reduced friction.

According to CeramicSpeed, the UFO chain is the result of taking an OEM chain from either Sram, Campagnolo or Shimano, and “optimizing” it by applying a special wax coating, followed by a surface treatment of Teflon Powder – subsequent to the initial break-in period.

Said process according to CeramicSpeed, results in a reduction of friction, which can yield cyclists an additional 2 to 5 watts in power output.

However, there’s a shelf-life to these claims, as CeramicSpeed says, the “optimized treatment” is designed to only last 200 miles or so. Moreover, a chain can only be used in dry conditions.

But, CeramicSpeed says, that after the 200 miles of “maximum performance” is met, by adding the recommended lube, Squirt Lube, to the UFO chain, it can continued to be used, albeit on a regular performance level.

So, in the end, the objective is to decide which 200 miles are the most important, in order to harness the UFO’s “optimized performance”. Otherwise, you’ll be riding just as though you were “chucking wood” like any other cyclist out on the road.  😀 

Depending on which chain, the UFO retails from $129 to $165 (€115 to €149).

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