- - Chris King Introduces New Micro Spline Drivers for R45D Hubs

Chris King Introduces New Micro Spline Drivers for R45D Hubs

Chris King has announced the release of new Micro Spline drivers for its R45D hubs, which now feature 23 closely spaced splines that offer improved engagement across multiple cassette combinations. 

“The name of the game in hubs is compatibility,” said King Sales Manager Greg Hudson. “We aim to support as many drivetrain and cassette combinations as we can. Micro Spline is a key addition to our offering, especially as 12-speed drivetrains proliferate and the 10 tooth cogs that come along necessitate Micro Spline compatibility.”

“Micro Spline seamlessly integrates with our R45D hubs,” Hudson continued. “With 45 points of simultaneous engagement, our hubs provide unparalleled power transfer and efficiency, ensuring a smooth ride both on and off-road. This synergy, especially beneficial for gravel and all-road enthusiasts, highlights the durability and superior performance that define the Chris King R45D hub experience.”

The new drivers are compatible with all King Centerlock and 6-bolt (Gen 2) R45D hubs, which already support Shimano HG EV along with SRAM XDR systems. Moreover, King will offer the Micro Spline drivers as a conversion kit for existing hubs, adding it to the wide variety of conversions possible.


  • Compatible with all centerlock R45D versions and Gen. 2 6-bolt hubs, including those with serial numbers starting 691XXXXX.
  • Compatible with Mountain cassettes. Utilizes Shimano’s wide range cassettes for gravel use and the 23 splines.
  • With this addition, R45D hubs are compatible with Shimano HG, XD/XDR, and Micro Spline 12.
  • $250 for stainless steel bearings and $310 for ceramic.
  • Available in black and silver.

Convert your R45D Gen. 2, and R45D Centerlock hubs to Micro Spline. The conversion kit is complete with axle and all driveshell internals for a plug-and-play swap to your R45D Gen. 2 and R45D Centerlock hub.

  • Compatible with Shimano Micro Spline cassettes.
  • Compatible with R45D 6-Bolt Gen.2 hubs. Serial numbers will begin with 6910.
  • Compatible with all R45D Centerlock hubs.
  • Available with stainless steel or ceramic bearings.
  • 142x12mm axle.





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