- - Ciamillo (aka Zero Gravity) Reemerges with Ultra-Lightweight Lekki8 Carbon Brakes

Ciamillo (aka Zero Gravity) Reemerges with Ultra-Lightweight Lekki8 Carbon Brakes

Having owned a couple of sets of lightweight CNC’d aluminum Ciamillo brakesets back in the day (they were called Zero Gravity at the time), it’s nice to see the brand not only reemerge, but this time in the form of carbon fiber.

According to Ciamillo, its new gravity defying carbon fiber Lekki8 brakeset tips the scales at a feathery 144g (68g front/61g rear) with pads, making it the lightest brakeset ever commercially produced.

The Lekki8 is available in both a standard and a long-reach version. Both versions are designed to accommodate wheels ranging from 19mm to 28mm, and tires up to 32mm.

The purpose of the long-reach version is to allow owners the option to swap-out the brake “legs” in the event the brake pads don’t effectively reach the braking surface of some wheels based on certain tire applications.

The Lekki8 is offered with pad holders that are either Shimano or Campagnolo specific, and sells for $539, while the long-reach version is available for $559.

more from Ciamillo… 

Ciamillo announces the eighth generation of Zero Gravity brakes, the Lekki8. Stiffer and lighter than ever, designed for wider rims and larger tires. Currently, the world’s lightest caliper road brake. Ciamillo offers the ultimate stoppers at only 129 grams per set …(68 grams front/ 61 grams rear) and loads of power. TheLekki8 architecture optimizes the advantages of carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum and grade 5 titanium for a supremely lightweight road brake. It features a leveraging mechanism that allows for smooth operation and accommodation of the largest rims for road bicycles.

The brakes can be purchased from either Irish Cycles, or directly from Lekki8


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