- - Ciclovation Offers Some of the Grooviest Handlebar Tape Barring None

Ciclovation Offers Some of the Grooviest Handlebar Tape Barring None

Ciclovation offers some of the grooviest handlebar tape barring none, providing a number of dazzling color schemes that span shiny metallics to rainbow bursts including leather, silicon, velvet, suede and 3D carbon infused materials.

Ciclovation’s Halo Touch is a multi-layer, multi-density foam laminate that effectively absorbs shock, dampens vibration and minimizes fatigue. 

Additionally, it comprises a highly elastic and lightweight organic adhesive that will not leave residue behind on the handlebar, making for easy installation and removal, along with reusable, expanding locking bar plugs that resist falling out.

Also, the highly elastic finishing tape will not deform, degrade or soften in extreme temperature and weather conditions.

The uniquely formulated synthetic Leather Touch used in the Chameleon series features iridescent textures for the “drops” that blend into the sleek, satin black, leather-like finish found on the “tops” of the tape for superb grip and handling performance.

Like the Halo Touch, the Leather Touch also comprises a multi-layer, multi-density foam that’s designed to improve shock absorption and dampen vibration, leading to reduced hand fatigue.

As its name implies, the Silicon Touch relies on high tensile strength silicon material and an anti-slip surface that’s both anti-UV and heat resistant for long-term performance.

Moreover, it has a non-adhesive backing, allowing the tape to be re-wrapped multiple times without leaving any adhesive residue on the handlebar.

Velvet and suede aren’t just for shoes, giving Ciclovation’s Velvet Touch and Suede Touch bar tapes a unique feel and refined look thanks their soft gel construction and colored stitching. 

Lastly, Ciclovation’s 3D Carbon Touch is the perfect match to compliment today’s raw finish carbon fiber frames, creating a subdued look with the comfort and durability its polyurethane, anti-slip material provides. 

Depending on the style, Ciclovation’s range of bar tapes sell from $20 to $45, which you can learn more about here.




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