- - The Classon Helmet Claims to be "The World's Most Intelligent Bike Helmet"

The Classon Helmet Claims to be “The World’s Most Intelligent Bike Helmet”


While a basic, traditional helmet may keep your head protected, it’s probably doing little more than that.

At last, newer “smart helmets” combine modern features with protection, but the latest from Brooklyness may offer an experience like no other.

The Classon bike helmet is designed to improve safety and visibility with gesture-activated turn signals, automatic brake lights, blind spot detection, and more.

Indeed, the Classon features a plethora of features, including turn signals, brake lights and a sound system, as well as front and rear cameras. 

For example, the brake lights are engaged by an accelerometer, and the turn signals by a “gesture sensor”, which detects the rider extending his or her hand. Furthermore, it has an app with maps, that can connect to one’s phone and provide detailed directions. Also, it has 4 GB of memory to save 6 hours of video, along with dual 1Ghz microprocessors that can analyze the videos coming from the cameras while using an algorithm that can determine if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot.

In addition, the Classon’s companion app can enable live streaming and quick access to edit/share videos or GIFs on social media. However, this features does require a “Classon Club” subscription, which also provides access to riding stats, GPS-guided navigation (via visor lights), and future updates.


Brooklyness has undertaken a Kickstarter campaign for the Classon bike helmet, seeking to reach a US$30,000 goal in 30 days. Early bird pledges start at $99 for one Classon helmet, which also includes a free six-month Classon Club subscription.

So far, the company has successfully created functional prototypes, along with the accompanying electronics. Therefore, if production and testing and certification go according to plan, backers can expect shipments of the Classon helmet to begin sometime in April, 2017.






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