- - Colnago to Unveil New Ottanta5 Road Bike

Colnago to Unveil New Ottanta5 Road Bike


To celebrate Ernesto Colnago’s 85th birthday, the iconic Italian brand that bears his name, will unveil its new Ottanta5 road bike later this week. 

A spurious posting on Colnago’s Facebook page today, indicates that the new Ottanta5 will officially break-cover on Thursday of this week.

As its name implies, Ottanta5 translates into “85”, which is not the first time Colnago has commemorated its “master’s” birthday with a special edition bike.


In 2012, the company issued a special gold-plated edition of its then flagship road bike, the C59, to celebrate Ernesto’s 80th birthday.

It remains to be seen just exactly what the Ottanta5 will turn out to be.

It’s likely that Colnago will issued a special edition of either its C60 or V1-R road bike with a celebratory paint scheme, rather that unveil a completely new model. 

But, we won’t know until smoke starts billowing from the factory’s smokestack in Cambiago, Italy later this week, as though a new Pope has been elected.  




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