- - CYCLEMETRIQ Brings a New level of Motion Capture to Bike Fit Optimization

CYCLEMETRIQ Brings a New level of Motion Capture to Bike Fit Optimization

MOTIONMETRIQ’s CYCLEMETRIQ is a newly developed motion capture system that brings a new level of precision to the science of bike fitting.

According to the developers of CYCLEMETRIQ, their new motion capture system is the culmination of 25 years of work in the field of cycling science and bike fit optimization, which comprises such cutting-edge technologies as IMU’s, EMG, Pressure, high speed video and biometric instruments tools that give bike fit experts the tools they need to precisely fit their clientele.

MOTIONMETRIQ’s experience in sports science and research began at Trinity College in Dublin in the early 90’s. The college Human Performance Lab needed great thesis projects, and subjects to participate in the studies. MOTIONMETRIQ’s founder had cycling and exercise science questions, and access to a large cycling population. This was the beginning of a journey that led to work in the high tech semi-conductor industry, college, full time teaching for both Intel and FAS (Government Educational body), relocation to the US, work in Cycling retail, orthotics/orthotics tech, 2D and 3D motion capture, teaching cycling biomechanics, elite athlete performance strategies, wind tunnel development and a host of other biomechanics and human performance projects.

CYCLEMETRIQ first debuted at this year’s annual Interbike Show in September, dazzling onlookers with an impressive demonstration of biomechanical analysis using an array of intricate motion capture sensors that detailed the rider’s every position on the bike.

CYCLEMETRIQ is scheduled to be released in December 2017.

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Noraxon Technology

Noraxon has 25 year tradition of manufacturing excellence in the Evidence-Based Biomechanics world. Noraxon is positioned in the market place as the Gold Standard across the biomechanical assessment spectrum. Noraxon has an impressive range of patent-protected and FDA approved technology which includes EMG, video capture, pressure/force and 3D motion analysis.

The ability to combine hardware with the most powerful data acquisition and analysis software is unique. This software and hardware eco-system is specifically developed for analyzing human movement. This is a groundbreaking development in the clinical biomechanics world and will revolutionize how we think about Cycling Analysis. MOTIONMETRIQ is highly engaged with Noraxon to deliver products like CYCLEMETRIQ based on Noraxon’s award winning MR3 platform.

Core Technologies: 

IMU’s (Inertial Measurement Unit) – Measure 3D movement without the need for cameras and body markers.

IMU technology solves many common problems faced by bike fitters, sports medicine professionals and coaches. They are essentially small bundles of intelligent sensors that measure body movement information when they are paired together. A single IMU can for example track 3D Pelvis movements in realtime.

9 IMU’s can track the lower body and spine, 16 IMU’s can track the whole body performing ANY motion and can be triggered to record for up to 8 hours via on board data logging!

IMU Benefits:

  • No joint markers – IMU’s are worn in a specific location then calibrated in 10 seconds
  • No landmark expertise required
  • Outdoor measurement possible
  • Can be synced with high speed cameras and many other Noraxon analysis technologies
  • Can be combined with passive markers (reflective dots) to create even more analysis opportunities

Video Analysis with Integrated High Speed Kinematic Tracking – Video analysis is a key tool in helping athletes perform better or helping any person understand their movement or desired movement pattern. We have always felt that it is our duty as human movement specialists is to increase proprioceptive awareness* as part of any movement optimization or analysis process. Human beings are hard wired to recognize movement patterns and adapt to changes in movement.

Movement data in any form is hard for most clients to relate to, data in isolation simply does not provide what video can in that regard. Video plays a critical role in increasing proprioceptive awareness in client of all ability levels. CYCLEMETRIQ specializes in blending compelling data based evidence with high quality, high speed video. This combination of kinematics, kinetic data, video, biometric data and good analysis protocols provides the opportunity for world class outcomes.

*a person’s awareness of their own body/movement

EMG (Electromyography) – Electromyography (EMG) is the measurement of the electrical signals that cause muscles to contract. An EMG sensor translates these signals into numerical values that a specialist interprets. Understanding how muscles are firing and the implications of imbalances is useful to diagnose complex fitting issues and highly useful for medical professionals and coaches to design programs to modify poor firing patterns. We believe there are new performance frontiers to be navigated once we know what muscles are firing, and where in the pedal stroke the prime movers (muscles) are firing.

geobioMized – Since 2001, gebioMized has been working on the optimal riding position. Our dynamic bike fitting concepts were developed in cooperation with the University of Muenster, and are now used in more than 25 countries throughout the world.








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