- - CycleSole Allows Cyclists to Easily Transition from Riding to Walking with a Simple Pull-On Design

CycleSole Allows Cyclists to Easily Transition from Riding to Walking with a Simple Pull-On Design

LINKgear has launched a new product dubbed the CycleSole, an innovative design that allows cyclists to easily transition from riding to walking thanks to a packable, flexible, pull-on cover that can be worn over their cycling shoes.

“CycleSole was created to solve the issues that arise from a cycling shoe’s rigid sole and the pedal cleat, embracing the benefits of riding while addressing the downsides when walking. CycleSole provides the freedom to transition effortlessly and confidently from cycling to the next thing along the way with a patented design that eliminates “clipwalk”,” says LINKgear.

Features include:

  • Sole construction levels the foot from front to back to counter the cleat profile.
  • Reinforced front sole prevents damage to the cleat and walking surfaces.
  • High-traction tread over the slippery cleat and sole reduces the risk of slip-and-falls.
  • Heel and toe contours allow a heel-to-toe roll for natural posture and walking stride.

The inspiration for CycleSole came about when LINKgear founder, Lorri Cornett, was on a ride along Lake Michigan in Chicago, taking advantage of an early Spring thaw. While dealing with the awkwardness and hazards of walking in cleats when stopped, she was forced to put on a pair of stretchy ice cleats to navigate the still-icy sidewalks of Chicago. As a result, she thought, “We have a solution for walking on ice, but not a solution for walking in cleats??” That’s when inspiration hit.

From there, Cornett imagined a stretchy, durable shoe cover that would do away with the damage to cleats and shoes, as well as floors and walkways, and eliminate the risk of slipping and falling. Most importantly, it would address the clumsy, uncomfortable aspect of “clipwalk”.

“Now the solution is here! All cyclists, indoor or out, can make the best use of cleats for their ride. Cleats optimize power and ergonomics. They keep you steady while riding hard through rolling terrain. They maintain that pedal connection to give you that burst of speed when you need it, in wet or dry weather,” says Cornett. 

To bring her concept to fruition, Cornett has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, with the goal of bringing the CycleSole into full production, offering special pricing for early backers.

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