- - Cycling Mount Ventoux

Cycling Mount Ventoux

From the Col Collective

As one of the most mythical mountains in cycling history, Mont Ventoux rarely disappoints. Let’s face it, you’re either met with hurricane winds that’ll do everything they can to blow you off its slopes or blistering heat that’ll take no mercy, making you gasp as the air starts to thin. A mountain of extreme, there never seems to be an in between with Ventoux and, in some respect, that’s the whole attraction.

Although there are three sides to reach its moonscape summit at 1,912 metres, Bédoin rules the roost, made famous by the legends of the Tour de France. Malaucène on the other hand feels very much like the forgotten mountain, much quieter, almost serene if you manage to catch it in a good mood and yet equally as challenging. 21.4km at an average of 7.2% it often feels like it’s winning the war taking your body and mind to the limit. If you can overcome this, focus on the moment and hold on to your perspective then, trust me, everything will begin to make sense once more. Vive Ventoux.
Start: Malaucène
Length: 21.4km
Summit: 1,912m
Elevation gain: 1,558m
Average gradient: 7.2%
Max gradient: 12%

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