- - Cycling the Col de la Loze

Cycling the Col de la Loze

First featured in the 2020 Tour de France, the Col de la Loze is definitely the new kid on the block with a fearsome reputation! From the valley you’re faced with a long ascent, well over 20 kilometers in length, however, it’s when the road narrows and is closed to cars when things really start to get spicy.

Seven kilometers at an average 10% may not sound like anything out of the ordinary but the Loze hasn’t gained the reputation for being a relentless and unpredictable beast for nothing. Forever ducking and diving it’s impossible to find a rhythm as the Loze takes control, and with gradients of 20% this is anything but the regular Alpine pass we’ve come to know and love.

  • Start: Méribel Length: 7km
  • Summit: 2,304mm
  • Elevation Gain: 661m
  • Average Gradient: 10%
  • Max Gradient: 20%

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