- - Cycling the Großglockner in Austria

Cycling the Großglockner in Austria


from The Col Collective

At 3,798 meters high Austria’s white giant is every bit as imposing as it is intriguing, enveloped by an aura of natural beauty that’s beyond imagination. Originally built to showcase the true delights of the Hohe Tauern National Park, and to bolster the country’s flailing economy after the First World War, the Großglockner High Alpine Road excelled all expectations bringing over 50 million tourists to the area since it opened in 1935.

Starting in Heiligenblut you initially trace your way through lush Glockner meadows as the gradient pitches up and holds its form at over double figures for the first 6km. A moment of respite gifts you an extra heartbeat to savour your surrounds before the final push, past the powerful Fensterbach waterfalls, towards the eternal ice plain of the Pasterze Glacier and the foot of the legendary Großglockner itself. Without question absolutely one of the most spectacular roads you’ll ever ride.

Start: Heiligenblut
Length: 16.4km
Summit: 2,369m
Elevation gain: 1,069m
Average gradient: 8.1%
Max gradient: 12%


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