- - The "Cyklomatofon": Mad Max Never Had Anything This Outlandish

The “Cyklomatofon”: Mad Max Never Had Anything This Outlandish


Mad Max never had anything as outlandish as the Cyklomatofon.

Created by the Czech Republic-based artistic group Bamboo Element, who ordinarily specializes in creating large-scale bamboo installations, the Cyklomatofon represents a seething, roaring, frenzied amalgamation of blown-out, burned-out machine parts and pieces in all manner of a flame-throwing, gargantuan three-wheeled bicycle.  

If that’s not enough, its combination of mechanically and electronically powered drums and lights are enough to spurn anything in its path. 


Fortunately however, the Cyklomatofon was created to bring a level of excitement and amusement to festivals and outdoor gatherings wherever it goes.

Think Burning Man



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