- - Dario Pegoretti Teams Up with Students on "Più di Pegoretti" Bike Project

Dario Pegoretti Teams Up with Students on “Più di Pegoretti” Bike Project


Enthusiasm for cycling, commitment to their work and the openness to learn new things from one another, is what united these students at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and master bike frame-builder, Dario Pegoretti, to create these exciting and inventive designer bike products, as part of the Più di Pegoretti project.

Working together for weeks, Pegoretti lent his fine-tuned mechanical knowhow and elegant minimalism to the students’ creative process in designing bike accessories. Guided by Professor Hans-Georg Pospischil and in cooperation with Pegoretti’s manufacturer Rossignoli, the resulting work is graphic and fun.

Among the fifteen final projects are some classic design student “solutions”, like a fancifully-incorporated low-security bike lock, a textured bike saddle and a highly conceptualized bike helmet, along with several other intriguing ideas as well.

Beginning on April 13, the collection will be on display at this year’s Milan Design Week show.







Pui di Pegoretti




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