- - DMT Launches New RS1 Cycling Shoe

DMT Launches New RS1 Cycling Shoe


Designed alongside pro cyclist Elia Viviani, DMT unveiled its newest road shoe today – the RS1.

Boasting a new skeletal system, the RS1 is the result of years of advanced research at DMT’s laboratory, wherein fine nylon tubes and specially designed cords have been incorporated into the shoe’s outer structure and inside upper to embrace the rider’s foot 360°.


Skeleton Carbon Sole

Created as a single shell to eliminate the external heel counter and totally envelope the foot, with the insertion of 3 nylon tubes for the passage of the cable, the new skeleton carbon sole is made entirely of UD FAW 150 carbon fiber, an innovative material that is extremely rigid and impact resistant, much stronger than steel, and with very high thermal stability. Thus, the sole becomes a single body that breathes, thanks to the front opening and the innovative midsole with its 5 mm diameter micro holes.


Anatomic Tongue Integrated 

The RS1’s innovative Anatomic Tongue Integrated design allows two traditionally separate parts, the tongue and the upper, to be fused into a single piece construction. 

According to DMT, “by constructing a shoe in this way, the uppers unite over the top of the foot and act as a tongue.”


BOA Closure System

The RS1’s Boa closure system provides custom comfort with a smooth, even closure that rules out any pressure points.

Utilizing DMT’s CUSTOMIZED 1 CLICK = 1 MM, the Boa system can be adjusted quickly and precisely with only one hand.

As a result, cyclists can quickly put on and remove the RS1, and once adjusted, its remains fitted, even under the most challenging riding conditions. dmt-road-rs1-black-silver

The RS1 is currently available in black or white, with sizes ranging from 38 to 47 (with some half sizes in the middle) for $384.90.



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