- - DMT R1 Road Shoe Reviewed

DMT R1 Road Shoe Reviewed


As I’ve mentioned in past reviews, having feet flatter than spit on a plate has made for no easy task finding a cycling shoe that provides excellent comfort and support.

Additionally, I seem to have developed an incorrigible fetish for stylish riding shoes over the years, especially one’s of the Italian ilk. So, needless to say, the combination of the two has made me one difficult sod to satisfy.

The latest scarpe da ciclismo to come my way for review, is DMT’s R1 road shoe, which the very sight of aroused my euro-gucci senses.

DMT cycling shoes are not new to me however, as I’ve ridden several of their road models in the past. In fact, I still have a pair of their magnesium soled shoes still in service, albeit for indoor training duties only these days.

One aspect that has always stood-out the most about DMT shoes, is the tremendous amount of support they offer – both in terms of a pronounced arch and a sturdy upper that almost verge on the point of foot correction.

For those reasons, I’ve always tossed aside any specialty arch supports or inserts that I may have been using at the time, in favor of the regular footbeds supplied with the shoes.

The Fit

The R1 provides a similar degree of corrective support as its predecessors, but with an even more enveloping upper that anchors the foot and ankle in boot-like fashion.

However, the R1 feels nothing like a boot at all. Rather, its low weight and BOA retention system confers a snug, comfortable fit, that once on, feels more like a slipper than it does a cycling shoe.

Curiously though, DMT suggests that the R1 is ideally suited for those cyclists who have a narrow foot, yet they fit my pancake-like dogs perfectly well – offering plenty of room and comfort.


The Materials

The R1 features a synthetic upper, complete with micro-ventilation holes in key areas, which directly integrates with what DMT calls their NEW CARBON SOLE QUARRY AERATED, which is comprised of a unidirectional, full carbon fiber sole for optimal rigidity and power transfer.

Other features include, a light, breathable, 100% polypropylene anatomic sock liner, a reinforced heel cup for added stability, a two BOA closure system, a soft foam anatomic tongue and soft inner foam padding with anti-slip material for maximum comfort and aeration.

How do the R1’s Perform?

The quick answer is, brilliantly!

I found the shoe itself to be extremely comfortable with a tremendous amount of support as previously mentioned, and the ability to fine tune one’s fit during a ride thanks to the dual BOA retention system, is a huge plus also.

Cleat set-up and alignment is precise, while the power transfer exhibited by DMT’s advanced carbon sole is both rock solid and unwavering – even during the longest rides and under the harshest of conditions.

So far, I’ve racked up hundreds of miles in the R1’s, and they’ve held up marvelously.

Indeed, there hasn’t been the slightest sign of degradation in either materials or performance whatsoever. And, I love the fact that DMT was wise to utilized a shiny surface on the upper, as they clean up easily and keeps the shoes looking pristine.

So how do the R1’s compare with another high end road shoes?

Well, as far as comfort and performance are concerned, they rank among the very best, even surpassing some shoes costing considerably more.

However, in the style category, I think the R1’s may very well vanquish the competition, as DMT has always demonstrated a knack for creating some of the most aesthetically pleasing cycling shoes, alongside a penchant for continually adding unique and groovy color schemes and features along the way.

A dangerous thing for someone like me who has a fetish for this kind of cycling gear.

The Conclusion

Unsurpassed materials, performance and comfort, combined with an Italian flair, punctuate the DMT R1 road shoe.  


By the way, DMT recently launched another version of the R1 which offers even more ventilation for hot weather riding – aptly called the R1 Summer. And, just like its sibling, they too come in an array of groovy colors as well.




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