- - DT Swiss Expands GRC Series Gravel-Specific Wheelsets

DT Swiss Expands GRC Series Gravel-Specific Wheelsets

DT Swiss has expanded its GRC gravel-specific wheelsets with two new 30mm and 50mm models, falling back on the security of a hooked, tubeless rim design, along with an improved aerodynamic signature that was accomplished through extensive CFD profiling in partnership with the aerodynamic experts at SwissSide.

“With these new wheels in our Gravel portfolio, all our road wheels are now constructed with hooks. In the case of gravel wheels, we believe that hooked rims are the ultimate solution for safety and ease of use. Your gravel bike mounted with the new GRC wheels will allow you to ride in extreme conditions and environments. Knowing that your tire sits safely on your rim will give you the confidence you need to explore and push it even further. In addition to the safety benefit, CFD simulations and wind tunnel tests of both hooked and hookless rims showed us a clear aerodynamic advantage for the hooked version, with lower base drag and steering moment,” says DT Swiss.

Additionally, the new wheelsets are constructed “directly out of mold”, meaning the amount of material can be more closely controlled, while the need for painting or final finishing is also eliminated, resulting in added strength, but with less weight.

Optimized for 40mm tires, both wheelsets are offered in two variants, GRC 1400 Dicut 30 and GRC 1400 Dicut 50, and the more premium GRC 1100 Dicut 30 and GRC 1100 Dicut 50, as well as an eBike-specific version, which all feature a 24mm internal width and the latest DT Swiss 36T, 10° engagement Ratchet EXP internals that are compatible with Shimano HG and MicroSpline, SRAM XD and XDR and Campagnolo N3W hubs.

The GRC 1400 Dicut 30 and GRC 1400 Dicut 50 spin on DT Swiss’ 240 hubs and AeroComp spokes for $2400, while the upper tier GRC 1100 Dicut 30 and GRC 1100 Dicut 50 are built on the brand’s 180 hubs and AeroLite II spokes that fetch $3000.

As for the eBike version, HGC 1400 Spline 30 is fitted with DT Swiss’ heavy-duty Hybrid 240 hubs and sells for $2450.



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