- - DT Swiss Revamps ARC DICUT 1100 Range of Rim Brake Wheelsets

DT Swiss Revamps ARC DICUT 1100 Range of Rim Brake Wheelsets

In a market dominated by disc brakes, it’s refreshing to see that some wheel brands are still embracing traditional rim brakes, as evidenced by DT Swiss’ revamped range of ARC DICUT 1100 wheelsets.

According to DT Swiss, its latest ARC range of wheelsets benefit aerodynamically courtesy of a new hub shell design, their AeroLite II and AeroComp II spokes and flagship 180 hubs with EXP star ratchets, as well as upgraded ceramic and steel bearings, reducing both wind and rotational drag to a claimed 0.5 watts during wind-tunnel testing.

Some credit goes to Swiss Side, who initially helped their compatriots develop the U-shape rim profile for the ARC DICUT 1100 range, sticking with an internal width of 17mm and a wide external width of 28mm, along with hooked, tubeless-ready beads in rim depths of 48, 62 and 80mm.

“The ARC 1100 DICUT wheels are made to go flat out fast. Available in rim brake version in three different rim heights (80 mm, 62 mm and 48 mm), our Aero lineup is developed with our aero specialists from Swiss Side to get up to speed and stay there. Excellent aero-stability and minimal aero drag support the complete system of the rider and their bike. The ARC 1100 DICUT Aero wheels are revised with modern DT Swiss components. Incorporating the sleek 180 DICUT aero hub with the Ratchet EXP system and ultra-light SINC ceramic bearings, every invested watt is efficiently brought onto the road. DT Swiss Aero spokes with their flat and wide profiles contribute to making the wheels even faster – no matter if you’re fighting against the wind on your time trial bike or trying to escape the bunch on the final meters,”  boasts DT Swiss. 

The revamped ARC 1100 DICUT wheelsets start at $3165, which you can learn more about by visiting DT Swiss’ website here.  

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