- - DT Swiss Targets the eMTB Segment with New Hybrid Hubs

DT Swiss Targets the eMTB Segment with New Hybrid Hubs

Lest for gravel, as inveterate roadies we seldom leave the tarmac. However, when a new product blurs the lines between road, gravel and mountain biking, we’re sure to cast some light on it.

Such is the case with DT Swiss’ new hybrid 240 and 350 hubs, which are specifically designed for the eMTB segment.

Featuring larger flanges and a steel freehub body, the 240 Hybrid relies on DT Swiss’ new Ratchet EXP OS freehub body, which is designed to withstand the greater forces generated by eMTB’s, while the lesser expensive 350 Hybrid relies on a standard Ratchet system.

However, both hubs are designed to accept the brand’s 2.34mm spokes, which claim to offer greater resistance to acceleration and braking over a thinner-diameter option. 

Additionally, the Ratchet EXP OS features bigger 17x28x7mm bearings, further adding to the hub’s stiffness, along with 30 teeth instead of 24 to account for the additional free movement of the cranks due to the motor.

DT Swiss has also bolstered the axle bearings with larger wall thickness, which the brand says is designed to cope with the greater loads. Also, the driveside bearing now sits behind an M30 threaded ring on a standard Ratchet EXP freehub, allowing for easy removal in order to access the bearing.

Lastly, the Ratchet EXP OS system uses a slightly longer M32 threaded ring. Again, this is to cope with the forces transmitting from the freehub body to the hub shell, resulting in an 18% increase in stiffness compared to previous models. 

All in, DT Swiss says the 240 Hybrid tips the scales at 156g for the front and 290g for the rear, while the 350 Hybrid weighs in slightly more at 174g for the front and 302g for the rear.

The front 240 Hybrid sells for $242.90, while the rear fetches $459.90. The 350 Hybrid comes in at $116.90 and $297.90, respectively.

Both hubs feature a center-lock or 6-bolt disc brake rotor, which are designed to work with Shimano HG, Shimano Micro Spline or SRAM XD freehub bodies.   

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