- - DUCKS IN A ROW Cycling Commuter Backpacks

DUCKS IN A ROW Cycling Commuter Backpacks

If you’re an urban cyclists who appreciates craftsmanship and elegance, DUCKS IN A ROW’s commuter backpacks have you in mind. 

Indeed, DUCKS’ backpacks are designed especially for the sophisticated, urban commuter, who view a accessory like a backpack to be part of his or her everyday ensemble.

Made from luxurious vegetable tanned leather, DUCKS’ bags are truly an elegant work of art. But, perhaps more importantly, they’re designed to keep one’s essentials, like a laptop, smartphone and other valuable devices safe during to transport.  

Some of the special features are:

  • A handle bar connection which leaves your shoulders free, your shirt fresh and tidy and keeps your valuable belongings under your watchful eyes.
  • A touch screen pocket which means you can navigate without stopping, answer your calls (yeahhh!).
  • Fully padded protection for a 15” and under laptop that keeps you worries free and your eyes on the road.
  • Up to date design and material selection, suitable for any situation or location.
  • A custom cover for rain protection – Special connectors for lights and helmet which keep you free and safe.

DUCKS IN A ROW recently mounted a successful Kickstarter campign, where they met their goal to now put their products into production. 

You can find out more about their commuter packs  at the link below:



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