- - "Duel" Two Cyclists Battle it Out Along the Hellfire Pass

“Duel” Two Cyclists Battle it Out Along the Hellfire Pass


“True sport is always a duel, a duel with nature, with one’s own fear, with one’s own fatigue, a duel in which the body and the mind are strengthened.” Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Dueling is the backbone of cycling with bicycle races organized ever since the bicycle was invented. After the desire for speed and distance, racers started to look up to the mountains. Climbing has a mythical status with legends being made on these tough assents.

Sitting, standing, stamping, wrestling and fighting up this wonderful myriad of gradients, climbing is an ever-present adversary that provides an immovable challenge that must be overcome. The ultimate duel.


Hellfire Pass (Bwlch y Groes) is one of the highest tarmacked passes in Wales. Climbing into the Aran Mountains on the edge of Snowdonia, its a road of outstanding beauty – rough, weathered and with arguably the hardest section of relentlessly steep tarmac in Britain.

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